Black Lightning (2018–)

7.1 Rating: N/A

A retired superhero becomes a vigilante for justice.

Released: 16 Jan 2018

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

A retired superhero becomes a vigilante for justice.

Released: 16 Jan 2018

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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    Episode 1

    16 Jan 2018
    The Resurrection - Jefferson Pierce is a man wrestling with a secret. As the father of Anissa and Jennifer, and principal of a charter high school that also serves as a safe-haven for young people in a neighborhood overrun by gang violence, he is a hero in his community. Nine years ago, Pierce was a hero of a different sort. Gifted with the superhuman power to harness and control electricity, he used those powers to keep his hometown streets safe as the masked vigilante Black Lightning, but he left the Superhero days behind. Almost a decade later, Pierce’s crime-fighting days are long behind him…or so he thought.

    Episode 2

    23 Jan 2018
    Lawanda: The Book of Hope - As the community struggles with the violence surrounding them, a glimmer of hope appears: Is Black Lightning back? Lynn Stewart, noticing the changes in the community, is also left wondering. While Jefferson Pierce struggles with his decision, Gambi urges him to take up the mantle once more and return to life as Black Lightning. Anissa and Jennifer try to deal with the aftermath of their jolting experience.
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    Episode 3

    30 Jan 2018
    Lawanda: The Book of Burial - As Jefferson Pierce tries to determine if the community can survive without the help of Black Lightning, Anissa starts to come into her own. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Lynn try and figure out their new dynamic. Finally, Jennifer reveals to her parents that she has been grappling with something big.

    Episode 4

    06 Feb 2018
    Black Jesus - Black Lightning is recruited to rally against The 100 gang. Anissa investigates the new drug hitting the streets. Meanwhile, familiar faces begin to reappear.

    Episode 5

    13 Feb 2018
    Aches and Pains - An unexpected phone call unearths the long-buried need for Jefferson to investigate the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Annisa wrestles with the fact that her actions have dire consequences. Lastly, Jennifer learns the importance of controlling her temper – in all situations.

    Episode 6

    20 Feb 2018
    Vengeance -

    Episode 7

    27 Feb 2018
    The New Norm -
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    Episode 8

    06 Mar 2018
    Revelations -

    Episode 9

    13 Mar 2018
    Little Black Lies -

    Episode 10

    20 Mar 2018
    Sins of the Father -
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    Episode 11

    27 Mar 2018
    Rebellion in the Ranks -
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    Episode 12

    03 Apr 2018
    In the Lion's Den -
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    Episode 13

    10 Apr 2018
    Shadow of Death -
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